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Biscuits are no joke
I was in Asda earlier and it struck me that there is nothing funny about custard creams.  Biscuits in general aren't very funny.  The few fun things about them are the terrible jokes you get on the back of a Penguin.  I haven't had a Penguin in a while so perhaps that doesn't happen any more.  The other thing is something that will stay with me forever and it's the story about a fight in a biscuit tin.  It went something like this:

The Bandit hit the Penguin over the head with a Club, tied him up in a Blue Riband and escaped in a Taxi.  I'm not sure whether Bandit's or Taxi's still exist in a biscuit form.

There was a wasp in the office today and people started to majorly freak out.  Democracy decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to murder the wasp.  I know they can be a bit mean but so can librarians and we don't spray them with toxic aerosols.  I have a problem with the fact that I was witness to a wasp assassination.

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Hahah fantastic. You can still get taxi biscuits :) I dont know about bandits though

I didn't realise you could still buy taxi's. Have you seen them at a regular supermarket? I will try and remember to look specifically the next time I go shopping.

yep, they were in tescos and sainsburys

I'm more of an Asda kind of person. I'll have to look there.

I feel so out of the biscuit loop! I think there's a vast biscuit divide between your country and mine :P

If I librarian poked a stingy thing into your body I think you'd be entitled to spray her with toxic aerosols. At least that's my policy on librarians!

They say that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. You just watched them murder that wasp?? Why didn't you speak up? Offer to fashion some rudimentary wasp catching contraption perhaps? I'm not suggesting that the wasp's death lies firmly on your shoulders, but I think you are more culpable than you are currently contending. Let this wasp's death not be in vain - next time, speak up for those wasps who cannot speak for themselves!

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I'm not really sure what the biscuit scene is like in Australia but we do have a pretty good selection of biscuits here.

I'm only one person I can't stop the masses from their wasp crusade. It's hard to trap a wasp, I tend to let them fly about for a bit until they find their way out. Out office is a decent size so I don't plan on chasing a wasp up the office.

Thanks for doing a good job making me feel guilty. What a great friend.

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