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I was in the local shop the other day came in and bought some potatoes and left.  It seemed liked a very Northern Irish thing to do.

I don't watch Game of Thrones but I'm told it's a thing.  One of the guys that stars in it had to apologise to Northern Ireland but making comments that were seen as a but slanderous comments about this country (I'm also told some of Game of Thrones is filmed here).  Anyway the strange thing about all of this is that the things he sad were true, they were fact.  He made reference to the fact that the only things Northern Ireland is famous for is The most bombed hotel (Europa), a nautical disaster (the Titantic) and Game of Thrones itself.  The whole Titanic thing really does a lot for tourism.  I didn't realise that the Europa was such a big deal, I suppose it was about 20 years ago.  I don't recall it being bombed recently (A quick look at Wikipedia says it has been bombed 28 times, the last being 1993).

One thing I'm terrible at is knowing when to give up on a bottle of brown sauce.  I've resorted to the standard 'leave it upside down' technique.  A normal person probably would have chucked it away a few days ago.

I'm off to Reyjavik tomorrow.  It has taken me a little while to spell that correctly so I've been saying "Iceland" when people asked me where I was going.  The problem with that is people think I'm talking about the supermarket and look a bit confused so I've had to say "Iceland the country" or "Iceland the supermarket".

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The Titanic Museum is meant to be excellent ;)

Hope you're having an amazing time in Reykjavik!

A friend of mine went to the Titanic Museum and said it was good. I haven't made it there yet. Sometimes I have a problem being a tourist in my own city. It's something I probably need to embrace. Maybe if I saw it from a visitors perspective I might appreciate it more.

Reykjavik was wonderful. I'll hopefully get posting soon. Maybe at the weekend.

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