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I had an idea for a post and have now forgot what it was going to be about.  I keep meaning to put batteries in my audio recorder thing.  I think it was something to do with moths and driving in the dark.

The trip to Dublin on Thursday was a good laugh.  It was about 230 miles round trip which by UK standards is pretty far to travel for an evening.  It was about 2am before I was home and I was glad to have the next day off.  The show was quite entertaining and once again we had some mental case in front off us, he seemed to be the only person in the room acting like a fool.  I thought it was funny when the main guy in the band checked the time on his phone towards the end of the set.  It seemed like a strange thing to do.

I stayed at a friends house last night and it's the first time I've been to his house.  He is a good host and it was an enjoyable evening but I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth not drinking and when I go out now so that I can drive home.  It never really seems to be worth.  I guess sometimes I'll stay out but it might be time for a change.

The last few trips I've booked has been through and now they keep emailing me these deals they have on.  It would've be so bad if the deals weren't for cities that I have already used their website book trips to.

It was my plan to start watching Fargo, the tv series.  I was aware that it was on but never really made any time for it thinking that I'd be able to catch up with it online.  I found out last night that 4OD have removed the first two episodes from their player.

Hopefully I'll have something better soon.  Berlin is fast approaching.

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It seems unfair that some professions can check their phones whenever they want and others cannot without appearing unprofessional or odd. I can't check mine either and so the injustice of it all burns, and causes me to have empathy with that band member.

I thought about watching Fargo too, but then realised Billy-Bob Thornton was in it and promptly changed my mind.

I'm starting to loathe you again because of Berlin.

I thought phone usage was acceptable pretty much everywhere now. I'm surprised lesson plans and calendars aren't accessed through some sort of electronic device. Does the school take a hard line on pupils who use their phone in class?

I don't really know much about Billy-Bob Thornton other than what you hear in the media. I hear he's pretty good in Fargo though.

You hate the good stuff in my life. What would you like me to send you from Berlin? Would that make it better?

Students can access their timetables through their phones, but they don't need to do that in class. Also, every student has a laptop given to them by the government so they are meant to access the internet and their timetable and calendars and everything else they need via that medium. The only time students are allowed to get out their mobile phones is if the teacher lets them listen to music while they work or if they need it to snap a picture of the board when they're feeling too lazybones to write out the notes.

A fantastic gift WOULD make it better, but then I'd feel guilty that you had to spend all your money on buying me a tiara.. so ultimately I think we're stuck with me hating all the good stuff in your life, Kezza :P

This all totally new to me. Government issued laptops? That would never happen here. You'd be luck if a school (never mind classroom) had enough laptops for one between two. I'm amazed that they take pictures of the board with their phone. That seems a bit too lazy.

Send me a text message with your second choice or a list of not acceptable gifts from Berlin and I'll see what I can do.

It's either a tiara or the Prussian Crown Jewels (housed in the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin)!!! You could do a jewel heist while you're there and smuggle them onto the plane with you in orifices I don't want to know about - just be sure to give them a good wash before you send them on to me, okay?

I did take a trip up to the Palace and have a walk around the gardens. I couldn't get near the jewels. I do have something to send you but I'm afraid it's not jewels nor tiara.

I told you not to get me anything, unless of course it was crown jewels (which is the exception to every 'don't get me anything' rule, as everyone knows)! I'm sorry to read you couldn't get near the crown jewels - I've never had a problem getting near crown jewels, but then again I'm probably far more regal looking than you :P

What I sent you is, in my opinion, better than the crown jewels.

I'm not surprised that you can get closer to the jewels than me. After all I'm probably the descendant of some potato famine victim. Who'd want some like that near their jewels?

How dare you besmirch potato famine victim descendants! I'll have you know that I am a potato famine fleeing descendant on both sides of my family - go back a few generations on either side and I'm an Irish potato eater.. and so I feel quite protective of those who suggest that potato eaters are lowly peasanty types.

I'm sure whatever you sent will be a delight to me, even if it isn't crown jewels (although if its a severed body part, I do warn you that while I shall be delighted at the thought behind the gift, I shall be contacting the appropriate authorities on you).

Sorry, potato famine victims are an easy target. Plus being from the land of potatory I feel I have the right to mock them. Much like Australians with kangaroos and Steve Irwin.

Edit: Are you kidding about your family lines? I'll have to make a note never to send you a body part if that's your attitude.

Edited at 2014-07-12 01:12 pm (UTC)

Australians never mock kangaroos - they pack a mean kick!

Nope, it's the potatoey truth. My mother's mother was Irish and my dad's great grandparents were Irish.. only I think they were on different religious sides. Still, peel my genetic tree and I'm comprised of a large amount of potato!

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