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Dead Serious
I was thinking the other day that it would be pretty good if there was some sort of dog ouija board.  I want to make myself clear I say dog ouija board because it's only for contacting dead dogs no other animals are allowed to try and come through.  I don't care what your parrot has to stay he can wait until someone comes up with a way to dial into him.

Anyway.  Can't find your keys after years of hunting?  Sure you got a new set but don't you want to know where your keys are?  Lets face it it's one of lives great mysteries.  Looking for that tennis ball your old dog used to play with?  Well then while not sit down with a doggy ouija or or dogja and find out the answers to all of lives questions.  I haven't quite figure out how the dog will communicate with you but he'd try and like every human you'd miss understand.  I'd use it to tell my dead dog that he was an idiot when in fact he was the opposite but we used to joke about that all of the time.  He knows I'm kidding.

My mum thinks that there problem is a dog medium out there somewhere and it wouldn't surprise me if that were true.  I might look for that later.  Imagine having that for a job.  You just have to start saying generic dog names and you'd get someone hooked.

My other idea was to have a ouija board for dogs to contact their dead owners.  Imagine a dark a quiet dog pound, or at least that's how it seems.  When the lights go out the dogs have something planned.  I have a bit of a design flaw with this though.  I'm not sure what the symbols would be.  Maybe a dish, a bone, a lead, a collar and something else doggy like?  For some reason when I try to imagine it there is a Great Dane smoking a cigar.  

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What have you got against hearing what parrots have to say from beyond the grave??

You've got a great and odd imagination :P I think being a dog medium would be incredibly easy - all you'd have to say is "woof" in a variety of moods, some soft, some loud. Nothing to it!

I'll have you know I don't have thing against parrots but there's a time and place for the dead ones to break through just not when the dogs are talking.

You're right, a woof here and there and you're golden. People would still pay.

You are so obviously Parrotist! You claim you're not but it shines through you big species biggot!

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