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I was thinking about the alphabet the other day and how it would make the English language a lot more interesting we could freshen it up a bit.  We could create a new sequence of letters.  I'd recommend keeping the same letters and sounds only changing the order of the letter.

Imagine if letters in the alphabet spelled a word from left to right.  That would be pretty cool.  The subject doesn't really mean anything as you may or may not be able to tell but I guess if we're restructuring the foundation of the language we could make up a food to go along with what we're doing.  Ideally I'd like it you could break the new alphabet down into say four letter words. It would truly stand out from other languages.  Plus all it would take is to slowly phase it into schools and within a few years the newer generation of kids won't know any better.

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This all started out pretty innocently. Of course I meant the former, however if one or two of the latter were to find their way through who is to say it wouldn't be for the best?

What about those who don't use QWERTY keyboards and have the more confusing AZERTY. I used a keyboard like that somewhere before and it was awful. It made typing a complete nightmare. Perhaps we should like at bringing in a uniformed keyboard before we start on the alphabet.

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