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Meal Replacement Drinks
Over the weekend I started to compile a list of things that I could post about but I managed to close the document without saving it.  Luckily I only had two items on it but I can't remember what they were.  I remember that one of them was to do with meal replacement products.  I recently tried a strawberry milkshake that was part of a meal replacement program.  The idea is that you substitute one of your daily meals for this drink.  I figured I'd give it ago, just for fun.  It's kind of like an experiment only I use myself as the test subject.  Kind of like I did when I went through the brief vegetarian stage.  Anyway my mum warned me that it would not taste very good.  As it happened she was right, it was absolutely vile.  I started to wonder if that was the plan all along.  If they make it impossible to drink in one go you're more likely to spread it out meaning it'll last longer and you'll miss your meal.  Of course the obvious downside is you can just chuck it in the bin which is what I did.  To be fair to that type of drink though I tried a chocolate one today and it was pretty nice.  It was a different brand though.


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