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A (photo)graphic entry
The May Day Bank Holiday is a strange time of year.  Many years ago when I worked for a Trade Union in Belfast, May Day was such a big deal.  I never really got involved in it due to me having a hard time getting behind the policital mind field that is Trade Unionism (of course I can only speak from a Northern Irish/UK point of view, my knowledge of other Trade Unions is quite weak).  Now however the May Day weekend means something else to me that isn't just a day off of work.

It's the time of year that the Festival of Fools runs throughout the city.  Starting on the Friday and ending on Monday evening the city is taken over by different acts from around the world showcasing their create talents.  A lovely mix of acrobats and comedy, plus many other delights.

Over the last few days I have been prviliged to witness some amazing talents.  Some pictures have been uploaded to Photobucket for those who are interested.  Be warned though I suspect the site is riddled with those annoying pop up adverts and will seek to move my photos elsewhere.  All suggests are welcome.

To give you a taster, here are some of the things I saw:

There was Lulu and hiliarious silient comic who drew her own props.  In the picture below she has fashioned her own dress out of some sticky take and paper.  She roped some guy out of the crowd to be her date which was quite hilarious.

This fella on the unicycle fell off at the end, part of his show featured leeks and he slipped on a leaf.  He was alright though.  There was a part where he lined people up (mostly young children) and gave them bells.  When he whacked them on the head with a blow up hammer they had to ring the bell.  He started to yell at them and fired one or two for not doing a great job.  It was quite amusing.

This was one of my favourite shows.  There is something about acrobats that blows my mind.  I'm not entirely sure it's what they do but more to do with the ease in which they do it.  These two go up to all sorts of hiliarty, making a mess with object from a brief case, a bit of your strandard juggling plus some high flying acrobatics.

The funniest part of this show was at the end when they blasted David Bowie's 'Life on Mars' as he walked off.  I think that got the biggest laugh.

Meet Dick Danger.  His big show stopper was how he dives off the pole into a bucket of water.  He was generally quite entertaining and funny on the mic.

I look forward to next years show.  I almost enquired about what I could do to get involved next time but remembered my awful circus experience.  I believe that was on the back of the 2009 Festival of Fools.

Before I end this point I'd like to say that this Datsuns album is wick.  I feel bad about that but it's the truth.

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I didn't know much about the Festival of Fools but this looks really fun!

It really is good fun for everyone. It's generally quite well received so the turnout for each show is decent enough and it's well scheduled so you can usually catch all of the shows you want at some point. They have them in different parts of the city as long as there isn't a lot of stuff to move.

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